What others think

I have received hunderds of comments to Gary Larson's letter so far. Please find below a very small extract of the emails from visitors of the Gary Larson Cartoon of the Week page. Unfortunately, I can not publish all emails, as this would fill my whole server.

I truly think it takes a big person to accept someone's wishes and I commend you for removing the cartoons, I have always admired Mr. Larson's humor style ... but I am not sure why he and his lawyers are trying to get rid of the Far Side online ... if they spent more time looking at all the wonderful pages from popular cartoons and saw what the net was coming too they could profit from it instead of trying to remove all of the pages that FANS worked so hard on ...  This really is childish ... I would think that someone who did not create any more current comics would appreciate being revered in such a wonderful light!



To Mr. Larson: I am a student from Austria and yesterday I read your mail. I thought a lot about it and now I would like to tell you something: Your comics are famous all over the world, they are in newspapers, magazines and and and... I think that's the sense of it, you created comics especially for that purpose.
OK, I can understand you, if you are a bit angry about all the people who make their own websites with your cartoons, but that's normal. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Mordillo or Garfield, they are also great series and you'll find hundreds of them on the net every day. Of course it would be better if people asked you before putting your comics somewhere on the Internet but these people are your fans, want to show others your messages and show their loyality. So please try to understand them,too. They are the ones who make you famous in the end.



To Mr Larson: Personally I respect your opinion, but I don't think you can compare your cartoons with children. I can understand, of course that you love them, but they are for the public and you yourself decided to publish them, so that everybody can see them.
Of course, people who want to put one of your cartoons on their websites, should ask you before doing so and tell you what kind of website they want to create and how many cartoons they want to put on their sites, but then I think it's okay.



i think is stupid "my children" thats crap if i were you i would put
more farside cartoons online



I beleive that Gary Larsons' The Far Side comics are some of the mos enilghtning and amusing comics I have ever read. I understand that he feels that they are his children, but I also believe that we can put his children (The Far Side, of coarse) on our toolboxes beside mine. C'mon bizzaaro and all of those other cheees remakes just do not cut it. Gary needs to get back to the papers and erase the incompetion.



I just read that letter from Gary Larson and I wanted to just get this off of my chest.  Maybe you were all flattered about getting an e-mail from him, maybe starstruck, I do not know.  What I do know is this.  I have always loved Gary Larson's work, I think it is brilliant.  But for you to sit there and buy the story about him not wanting his children running around without permission is ludicrous.   You can buy a Far Side toothbrush.  The money he makes on syndication and merchandising must be good enough for him never to draw again.  The only reason that he said anything is because he is not making any money off of his work here.  Maybe he said it in a respectful way, for which he does deserve commendation, usually a lawyer would have written you.  Or police would have come and broke down your door and taken your computer which has happened to others in your situation.  I just cannot sit here and have you extoll his heroics when it is all about money.  Of course, nobody I know works for free and I am not saying he is not right to feel that way.  But for you to sit there and act like he is so down to earth and wonderful because he asked you to stop before suing you is assinine.  I truly hope that your naivete does not get the best of you in life.  Keep up the good work!  Please do not take this personally,   I do not know you but I could not bear what I was reading.



Although i'm sorry to hear that the pictures have to go off-line. I think it's good that Gary took the time to tell you himself.



True, I do commend you for respecting Mr. Larson's wishes.

But do think of it this way. I live in Jordan, and not a single book shop sells The Far Side. No mugs, magazines, calendars,,,not a single Far Side item can one find here.  But we still manage to survive, believe it or not.!!!!!

Mr. Larson's wishes seem quite unthoughtful and immature. Does he include in his wishes everyone who owns a Far Side item to view and enjoy it by him/her self alone,,?,,,and dare not show it to others because otherwise some lawyer will be knocking at the door,,?,,,,grow up Larry....there is more to life than financial benefits and personal possessions.

I am no longer interested in Mr. Larson's work.  For some reason I lost all respect and I view even the classiest of his work in a different way now.

Shame,,,some of the best people around need a dose of principles.



This letter is directed to Hani.

I do not know when you wrote your E-mail, but I have just now read it, and very few things anger me, this e-mail was one.  you and no other person has the right (except maybe his parents and wife) to call this cartoonistic genius immature.  I feel that if it were not for Mr. Larson you or any other Far Side fanatic would be able to have the privleage of this mans geniusosity.  If I were Mr. Larson and read that E-mail, I would take it as a personal threat and would not appriciate it at all from a so called "fan".  I believe that any true fan of Mr. Larson's "Far Side" would understand and support him in his decidion. thank you.

And a special Thank you goes to Mr. Larson for his many years entertaining use all.

Thank you Mr. Larson.